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Can you tell me if my child is using counseling services?

We understand that you are very concerned about the welfare of your son or daughter. However, the counseling center adheres to the strictest standards of confidentiality. Information is not provided to anyone (including parents) regarding a client's visit to counseling, participation in services, or scheduled appointments without the client's written permission, with the few exceptions to confidentiality.

Nobody knows your child better than you do. If you've noticed that your child is presenting abnormal or troubling behaviors, you may want to confront them if you are concerned. Here are some guidelines to help initiate the conversation.

  • Address the issue in private and in a supportive manner
  • Be straightforward about your concerns
  • Approach the conversation with an open mind
  • Actively listen to what your child is saying
  • Do not be critical or judgemental
  • Provide information regarding available counseling services and resources
  • Normalize the counseling process, assuring your child that they are not "crazy" or "weak" for seeking services
  • Offer to assist your child with scheduling an appointment
  • Remind your child that information disclosed in counseling is confidential
  • Remind your child that services are at no cost

For additional information on what you can say or do to help your child, check out our links and resources page.