Downtown Great Bend Center for Adult Education

Services & Resources

Available Resources

  • JAG*K Students at Barton Welcome SignAn Advisor to assist with education and career goals.
  • Assistance with completing educational forms including, FAFSA (Federal Student Aid Application), Admissions Applications, Scholarships, Student Loan (Forbearance, Deferment, or Default) forms, Financial Aid Verification, and Transcript Request.
  • GED/Diploma Program Placement: The Central Kansas Educational Opportunity Center provides information on GED and High School Completion Programs and makes referrals as necessary. A participant can continue to work with the CKEOC while they are working on their GED or HS Diploma. For more information contact the CKEOC closest to your area.
  • Military and their Families - Educational services and support including assistance with process of transferring schools due to PCS, deployment or discharge; identifying and applying for service related financial aid opportunities; help with understanding how Pell Grant and other federal aid can be used in conjunction with military educational benefits such as GI Bill® and Tuition Assistance (TA).
  • CKEOC services are also available to military students at the Barton Fort Riley Campus.

Free Services

  • CKEOC Academic Advisor JAG*K students touring Barton County Campusavailable in your community on a regular basis.
  • Information/assistance in applying for scholarships, grants that include FAFSA, and loans.
  • Information about vocational/technical schools, colleges and universities.
  • Assistance in applying for admission.
  • Assessment of academic skills and financial needs.
  • Transportation to campus visits.
  • Assistance with placement in high school diploma or GED programs.
  • Career exploration and counseling.
  • Workshops to help you choose a career and find education or training.
  • Referral to support systems upon entering college.