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Excel in CTE Initiative (SB155)

Excel in CTE Initiative (SB155) Learning Opportunities for Career Technical Education

Thanks to the Excel in CTE Initiative (SB155), Kansas high school students take specific career technical courses tuition-free.  Courses on the Excel in CTE list are available to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors at no cost except textbook and materials fees (if applicable).

The Excel in CTE list is set by the Kansas Board of Regents and is subject to change with little or no notice. Barton Community College does not decide which classes are tuition free. 

Each Kansas college has a different list of approved classes, so please pay attention to what is covered at each separate college when enrolling.

Barton Community College's Excel in CTE (SB155) Courses

Online offerings for Spring 2024 sessions

Online offerings for Summer 2024 sessions

Online offerings for Fall 2024 sessions

Emergency Medical Technician Information

Complete list of Excel in CTE offerings - Fall 2024

Complete list of Excel in CTE offerings - May 2023

Complete list of Excel in CTE offerings, all locations

As of Spring 2021, the following classes are no longer paid for by Excel in CTE:

  • BUSI 1603:  Introduction to Finance
  • BUSI 1803:  Principles of Management
  • BUSI 1805:  Marketing
  • OSHA 1930:  Practicum in Occupational Safety & Health

Please note, Introduction to Criminal Justice is NOT on the approved lists of courses for Excel in CTE funding.

Kansas high school student discounts are available for career and technical education classes not covered by Excel in CTE funding: 

  • $50 per credit hour Barton County Campus
  • $75 per credit hour Barton Online