Student Guide


We are so excited that you’ve chosen to begin your college experience with Barton Community College.

Whether you’re taking a Barton class at your high school, coming to campus, or taking online classes through Partnered Online or Barton Online, we’re positive you’re going to have a great learning experience.

Taking college classes while in high school means you must be ready for a new level of expectations.  Your classes may require extra study time, reading assignments, homework projects, and final exams.  Make sure you understand attendance and assignment requirements so you can be in class and stay on top of things.

Starting college now means committing to college-level classes on top of your high school schedule. (And we know high schoolers are busy!) You are building your permanent college transcript now.  Depending on how your school gives dual or concurrent credit, the final grade earned from your early-college class(es) may also be your high school grade.  Poor academic performance can affect future financial aid and acceptance into some colleges.  Please ask for help if you find yourself overwhelmed.

As a Barton student, you are welcome to Barton’s student services including free advising and free tutoring.  We urge you to approach instructors, tutors, and peers with questions at any time. All faculty, staff, and tutors wish the best for you and are here to help.

Have a great semester.  You’ve got this!


Karly Little

Coordinator of Community Education

Student Guide: Starting College While In High School