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Strategic Planning Documents

Strategic Planning Framework

The Strategic Planning Framework is the context within which Barton County Community College operates to achieve its mission and vision. This framework is the foundation for a strategic management approach through which Barton’s leadership team takes responsibility for leading the institution through change, defining the knowledge critical to planning strategically for the college’s future, deciding how to interpret that knowledge and how to apply it to plans and decisions that lead to continuous improvement of Barton’s programs, services and operations. In this model planners at all levels of the college are able to determine performance “gaps” at the institutional and divisional/department levels and implement initiatives to close those gaps. Senior administrators, with input from internal stakeholders, are able to allocate resources to support the Strategic Plan and ongoing operations that are essential to closing those performance gaps.

The basic operating principles of the Strategic Planning Framework are:

1. Barton exists to create success for its students and the communities it serves.

2. To create stakeholder success, Barton must develop appropriate capacity and function at ever-higher levels of effectiveness.

The college enacts those operating principles through four standing Core Priorities (Values):

  • Drive Student Success
  • Cultivate Community Engagement
  • Optimize Employee Experience
  • Emphasize Institutional Effectiveness

The college’s Core Priorities (Values) represent constant areas of focus. Barton’s Board of Trustees have defined a series of END statements, which express in measurable terms the value Barton intends to create in each Priority area. These statements are not as timeless as Barton’s Core Priorities (Values), and may evolve over time as conditions change. The END statements provide definition to the Core Priorities (Values), identifying the essential elements of each priority and creating the foundation for effective measurement of results. The context created by the priorities and END statements enables the college leadership to identify how the college needs to adapt to changing conditions to improve results in these areas.

Yearly Planning Documents
Planning Process 
Planning Process Overview
Strategic Plan - Executive Summary
Strategic Plan Overview
Strategic Plan with monthly updates
Strategic Planning Time-line 
Strategic Planning Framework

Key Performance Indicators Alignment 

Strategic Goals and Activities

Adult Education Plan
Facility Management Plan
Fiscal Plan
Foundation Plan
Human Resources Plan
Institutional Effectiveness Plan
Information Services Plan
Instructional Council
PR Marketing Plan
Student Services Plan