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Academic Advising FAQ

Check out frequently asked Academic Advising questions below
Advisement Hotline on the Great Bend Campus 800-748-7594 ext. 225 and on the Fort Riley Campus (877) 620-6606 

How do I know who my advisor is? 
If you are a degree or certificate seeking student you may email to request this information.

What if I am not degree or certificate seeking or I don’t have an assigned advisor?
For general advisement questions please or call or email the Advisement Email/ Hotline (contact info above) 

What if I am an online student seeking a degree or certificate?
Academic advisors are assigned to all degree or certificate seeking students whether they are online or on-campus.

What if I am taking a class at Barton while attending another school?
If you are not seeking a degree from Barton you can contact the Advisement Email/ Hotline (contact info above)  for assistance with course information

What is a normal load for a full-time student? 
Barton encourages students to enroll in at least 16 hours per semester to meet graduation requirements within two years. Full-time status for financial assistance is 12 hours per semester. A student may receive partial financial assistance for part-time status.

Can I change my advisor without changing my major? 
This may be possible but must be determined by the Advisement Coordinator (contact info above)                 

Can I change my major? 
To submit a request to change your major, please fill out the Change of Major form.

Can I add or drop a class during the semester? 
 Please visit with your advisor and the instructor of the course. Be attentive of deadlines listed on the Student Services page. Adding and dropping classes during the semester may affect your financial aid.

How do I determine my GPA? 
Grades and GPA may be viewed within your MyBarton Portal.

What do I do if I have a serious or extended illness or family emergency, which keeps me away from class? 
Contact the Office of Student Services, 620-792-9282, and they will notify instructors when students are ill, hospitalized, or have a family emergency.

Can I lose my financial aid? 
Many circumstances can effect financial aid eligibility. Refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy in the college catalog and student handbook.

Where do I find my graduation requirements? 
General information about requirements may be found on the Degree and Catalog Graduation Requirements page. It is important to continuously review your degree plan with your advisor.  

Are there some courses that will not count towards graduation? 
There are some circumstances in which a course may not count towards graduation. Consult with your advisor.

What are General Education courses?
General Education course definitions and requirements may be found on the General Education Courses page.

Where can I find employment while I am a student? 
To see the most current list of on campus positions by campus visit our Employment Opportunities page and make sure to filter Location by "Student Employment." To see off campus opportunities visit the Career Center page.