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Forms and Applications

Below are many different forms and applications that are involved in the financial aid process. Students can see which of these forms our office needs by checking their MyBarton Portal. These forms are specific to the year in which the student is applying for financial aid.

General Financial Aid Forms/Instructions

My Financial Aid Checklist
Admissions Application
Consortium Agreement
High School or GED Transcript Request
W-2 Instructions
2021-22 Loan Change Request Form

Verification Forms

Most requests are provided in web-based forms and can be completed and signed online via tablet, phone or computer.  Other documents, such as tax return transcripts, can be uploaded and linked directly within the account the student creates.  Students will access, complete and submit their web forms via their MyBarton Portal.  Simply log-in and go to the Financial Aid tab within the portal.  Under the "Financial Aid Requirements" section, any request relating to verification requirements will link the student to the web forms.  

Barton's financial aid office does not accept faxed or emailed documents.  

Scholarship Applications

Employee Scholarship Application