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Types of Learners

What type of learner are you? Read below to find out and for information on how to get started!

High School Student  |  Adult Learner  |  International Student  |  Online Learner

High School Student

Not only is high school fun and exciting, but it's also a time to think about life after high school. Although this is a scary thought for some or an exciting thought for others, Barton can help you while you are still in high school.

How can Barton help?

  • You can take college classes while in high school
  • You can visit with a Barton Admissions representative to help you explore your future.  Whether we visit with you in person at a high school visit, a college planning conference or career fair, over the phone, through e-mail, or by becoming a fan of Facebook....we are here to help you
  • You can explore the Barton Difference by coming on campus and seeing life after high school for yourself

So why Barton?  Whether it's the student life, opportunity to get involved, scholarships, on-campus job opportunities, the low cost, small classes, the free laundry facilities in our student housing, or simply the opportunity to get away from home......Barton is here for you!

Contact the Admissions Office today and let's get started on helping you have a successful and fulfilling life after high school! 

Did you know? High school students can get a head start on their college plans by taking classes at Barton while in high school.  Students who are sophomores and above or freshmen with a gifted IEP can take college classes. Learn more about taking college classes while still in high school!

Adult Learner

Usually when we talk about an adult learner we are referencing those who perhaps didn't attend college right out of high school, perhaps someone for one reason or another decided college wasn't for them at that time, or perhaps you attended college but didn't complete a degree, or better yet you have a degree or a job and you've come to the point in your life where you want or need a job.

At Barton we understand life circumstances take each of us on a different journey. That's why we have numerous classes, programs, career training, course delivery options, and most of all we have the staff who understands your needs and challenges.

Rest assured, Adult Learners are common at Barton. After all, 45% of our students are over the age of 25. If you factor in the 20-24 year old range, you'll find that over 81% of our students are over the age of 20.

Spend some time on our website. Find what drives you and/or give us a call. We're here to help you in so many ways but it takes you to get it started. 

International Student

Barton Community College is a two-year community college located in Great Bend, Kansas. We offer a wide variety of two-year or transfer programs. Barton's philosophy of education recognizes the individual as society's greatest resource. That recognition offers you important benefits. First, it means your classes will be small enough to allow one-on-one contact with your instructors. In addition, it means we offer a comprehensive curriculum and excellent facilities designed to serve your individual educational needs. Financially, you will benefit from our low cost.

Barton  offers a full-range of activities for our students. Our athletic program is very competitive both within the state of Kansas and nationally.

Traditionally, we have 40-50 students from 15-20 countries around the world attending our college.

Please complete and return the documents listed to the right along with a $120.00 housing deposit. After receiving all of the required documents, a Review Committee will review your application. If accepted, you will receive an I-20 to assist you with obtaining your student visa. Failure to send the required deposit along with your application will result in delaying your acceptance and denying you admission to Barton.

All International Students will also be charged a one-time, non-refundable application/enrollment fee of $150 following initial enrollment at Barton Community College.

Please feel free to call or write if you have further questions concerning becoming a student at Barton.

Online Learner

Online learning definitely has its advantages:

  • Learn from the comforts of your home, office, or favorite relaxing spot
  • No travel time or challenges of getting to campus
  • Learning on your schedule.  Whether it's at 5:00am, during the day, or midnight, online learning is suited to your busy schedule
  • Learn from wherever you are.  Whether you are in Iraq, the beaches of Cancun, or right here in Great Bend, online learning is wherever you are
  • Online classes are very well organized and contain numerous learning opportunities
  • You can attend class in your PJs.  Where else can you go and learn in most comfortable clothes?

Online learning is a useful and convenient way to get your education but it certainly has disadvantages depending on your learning style.

  • In most online courses there is no face-to-face contact with instructors or students.  A majority of the contact with your teacher and fellow students is done thru e-mail, phone, or chat rooms within your course.
  • Online learning takes discipline.  Since you don't actually physically attend your class, you are required to attend (log-in) to your class to keep up with the material
  • Expense.  Usually online courses are a little more expensive then on-site classes.  However, at Barton our classes are definitely affordable when compared to other online opportunities.

So there you have it, the brief pros and cons of online learning.  If you still are unsure if online learning is for you or you are ready to get started, give us a call or e-mail.