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Explore Your Future!

No matter what educational and career goals you have, Barton can help you to achieve them. Barton offers transfer programs designed to position you for a successful transfer to a four year college. Or, if you're looking for a faster track to employment, you may be interested in one of our many two year (or shorter!) career programs. Either way, Barton can help you drive your future.

We're here to help you succeed. Check out the Academic Development Center for student-centered academic support!

About Our Academic Programs and Career Programs

Student GraduateWorkforce training or career programs are designed to provide specific career education that positions you for success in the workplace. Research indicates that many of these careers will experience tremendous growth in coming years, and that they offer the benefits of good salary and a good quality of life. Additionally, many of these programs can save you time and money by preparing you in a shorter amount of time to get a job and begin your career.

Adult Education

Barton offers multiple programs and resources for adults. Learn more about Barton's GED & Adult Education programs.

Degree Options

Barton offers the following degree options:

Associate in Arts (A.A.)
Associate in Science (A.S.)
Associate in General Studies (A.G.S.)
Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S)

Read more about Barton's degree options and general education courses.

Certificates and Programs

Barton's certificate options adhere to the following formats:

CERT1 - Certificate Program - 16-29 hours
CERT2 - Certificate Program - 30-44 hours
CERT3 - Certificate Program - 45-59 hours

Training Opportunities and Specialized and Military Training opportunities are also available. 

Syllabus Search 

Barton uses the Concourse syllabus management system to update, store, and display course syllabi. To find a syllabus for a particular course quickly use the +Advanced Search feature to filter to narrow down the course, semester, and instructor.