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What is OER?

Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the creative commons and/or public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their use and repurposing by others. OER may include full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, streaming videos, tests…used to support access to knowledge. "OER Defined" by Larry Kramer, William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

How does this work?

No-Cost – No additional cost for course materials

Low-Cost - $50 or less for course materials

Open Textbook - Course uses an open textbook, but course materials are above the Low-Cost threshold

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Barton Online
Barton Online

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Barton County Campus
Barton County Campus

Schedules vary for the courses listed below. 

BSTC 1036 Computer Concepts and Applications Heier, Deanna
BUSI 1609 Business Statistics Harrington, Joseph
COMM 1230 Public Speaking Boswell, Yuchen
HIST 1400 American History 1877 to Present Boltman, Dennis
HIST 1402 American History to 1877 Boltman, Dennis
HIST 1452 History of World Civ 1500-Present Boltman, Dennis
LITR 1215 World Literature Bailey, Paulia
MATH 1830 Trigonometry Howe, Brian
MATH 1831 Business Calculus Harrington, Joseph
POLS 1800 Government of the United States Boltman, Dennis
POLS 1801 Introduction to Political Science Boltman, Dennis 
PSYC 1000 General Psychology Smith, Eric
PSYC 1006 Abnormal Psychology Smith, Eric
PSYC 1014 Developmental Psychology Smith, Eric
STAT 1829 Elements of Statistics Harrington, Joseph

CHEM 1806 College Chemistry I Alliband, Amanda
LIFE 1408 Anatomy and Physiology Ravitskiy, Oleg
LIFE 1410 Principle of Zoology Ravitskiy, Oleg 
LIFE 1412 Principle of Microbiology Ravitskiy, Oleg 

Grandview Plaza
Grandview Plaza

Schedules vary for courses listed below. 

HZMT 1907 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Hill, James

Fort Riley
Fort Riley

Schedules vary for courses listed below. 

COMM 1230 Public Speaking Parker, Jimi
HIST 1400 American History 1877 to Present Deckard, Jeremy 
HIST 1402 American History to 1877 Deckard, Jeremy 
HIST 1408 Western Civilization to 1500 Deckard, Jeremy 
HIST 1410 Western Civilization 1500 to Present Deckard, Jeremy
HIST 1416 American Military History Deckard, Jeremy
HIST 1425 Women and the American Experience Deckard, Jeremy
HIST 1461 Military History American Civil War Deckard, Jeremy
HIST 1462 Military History First World War Deckard, Jeremy
HIST 1463 Military History World War II Deckard, Jeremy 
HIST 1465 Military History Vietnam War Deckard, Jeremy
HLTH 1248 Personal and Community Health Irwin, Lou
MATH 1809 Basic Applied Math Kolembe, Kenneth
MATH 1809 Basic Applied Math Bebout, Amber
MATH 1821 Basic Algebra Kolembe, Kenneth
MATH 1821 Basic Algebra Bebout, Amber
MATH 1824 Intermediate Algebra Kolembe, Kenneth 
POLS 1801 Introduction to Political Science Funk, Robert
RELI 1311 World Religions Zimmer, Judy

Fort Leavenworth
Fort Leavenworth

Schedules vary for courses listed below. 

MUSI 1015 Foundations of Music Hooser, Colvin
PSYC 1000 General Psychology Ingala, Ann
PSCY 1006 Abnormal Psychology Ingala, Ann
PSYC 1012 Introduction to Counseling Ingala, Ann
PSYC 1014 Developmental Psychology Ingala, Ann
PSYC 1016 Social Psychology Ingala, Ann
PSYC 1027 Coping with Stress Ingala, Ann
PSYC 1033 Psychology of Serial Killers and Violent Criminals Ingala, Ann
PSYC 1130 Death and Dying Ingala, Ann 
SOCI 1100 Introduction to Sociology Ingala, Ann
SOCI 1102 Marriage and Family Ingala, Ann
SOCI 1110 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice Ingala, Ann