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Early College Opportunities for High School Students

Early college opportunities for high school students are now more affordable and accessible! High School Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors can take classes at their high schools, online, or on the Barton County Campus at our new tuition or scholarship rates.

These scholarships and tuition breaks are only available to high school students who have not yet graduated.

New Tuition Rates - $50 per Credit Hour

College Advantage:
Taught by an instructor at the student’s school.

Partnered Online:
Taught online by a Barton instructor with a high school mentor in the room.

Barton County Campus Classes:
Taught on the Barton County Campus at varying times and built into the student's high school day 

Read more about the New High School Tuition Rate!

Scholarship Rate - $75 per Credit Hour

Barton Online:
Taught online with no specific meeting times that students may take at school or on their own time at home. 

Check out Barton Online's Early College Online Savings!

Tuition-free Rate - Textbooks or materials charges may apply

Excel in CTE (Senate Bill 155): 
A specific list of career and technical classes that cost no tuition—offered online, on-campus, and at some high schools.

Questions? Contact Karly Little at

Get Started Here!

Taking college credit classes at your high school this school year?  You are only a few quick steps away from becoming a Barton Cougar while still in high school!

Step 1: Apply
Step 1: Apply

Step 1: Complete the Admissions Application.  The first screen is asking you to set up an account, not log in.

  • If you’ve applied to Barton before, skip to Step 2.
  • If you try to apply and see an error message that your information is already in the system, email for assistance.

You should receive your ID number and default PIN to the email address you used to apply in 24 - 48 hours.  Save these in a safe place—you’ll need them soon!

Step 2: Search for Classes
Step 2: Search for Classes

Step 2:  Find the class you’d like to take.

College classes, even if listed on your high school schedule, require Barton enrollment.

Taking a class at your high school?  Check College Advantage schedules here.

  • There may be more than one offering of each class at your school.  For example, English Comp I may be offered 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 8th periods.  Make sure to choose the class that is in your high school schedule or talk to your counselor about a schedule change, if needed.
  • Write down the Course Reference Number (CRN).  You will need it to enroll in your class in Step 4.

Want to take a class at your high school but your school isn’t listed?  Contact Karly Little at

Step 3: Take a Placement Test and Submit GPA Information
Step 3: Take a Placement Test and Submit GPA Information

Step 3:  Placement Testing   

English Composition I and College Algebra Placement Measures

College Advantage, Concurrent Enrollment Partnership, and Partnered Online


Placement Method 1:  Qualify by testing

Take a Placement Test:  Accuplacer, ACT, SAT, ASSET, or COMPASS

Class Title

ACT Scores

Accuplacer NG Scores



English Comp I

English:  17+
Reading:  18+

Sentence:  255+

Reading:  255+

Writing:  40+
Reading:  40+

Writing:  65+
Reading:  75+

College Algebra

Math:  23+

Math:  263 – 275

Intermediate: 41+

Math:  66 - 100


Placement Method 2:  Get a little help from your GPA

Did not meet the required scores but scored within this range?

Class Title

ACT Scores

Accuplacer NG Scores

English Comp I

English:  15 - 16
Reading:  15 – 17


Reading: 249 -254

College Algebra

Math:  21 - 22

Math:  257 – 262

        *You must have a test score within this range on file with Barton to use your GPA to help.

Your high school transcript can help you place into your class:

Year in High School


Grade in HS Algebra II

You Qualify to Enroll In:

Junior or Senior

3.0 or higher


English Composition I


3.0 or higher

B or higher

College Algebra


3.5. or higher

B or higher

College Algebra

Junior or Senior

2.5 – 2.99 or higher


Intermediate Algebra OR Business Mathematics


Placement Method 3:  Retest using Accuplacer or submit another ACT attempt

Earn an Accuplacer retest by scoring in this range:

Class Title

ACT Scores

Accuplacer NG Scores

English Comp I

English:  12+
Reading:  13+

Sentence: 243+

Reading:  243+

College Algebra

Math:  18+

Math:  251+

Students who do not meet these outlined requirements but want to try to take the course for college credit will need to follow our standard testing policy and make an appointment to test by contacting Mollie McReynolds,

The retesting policy requires that you earn within 12 points of the placement score in order to retest.  Each student can earn one retest per semester. 

Step 4: Enroll in Classes
Step 4: Enroll in Classes

Step 4:  Enroll in your classes!

  • Use your Barton email address and password to sign in to the MyBarton Portal. 
  • Choose PAWS. 
  • Click the grey Student tab. 
  • Choose Registration. 
  • Add/Drop Classes. 
  • Choose your enrollment semester and submit. 
  • Use the Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) found on the College Advantage Schools page. 
  • Add the CRN(s) to the Add Classes Worksheet and Submit Changes. 

High school classes are not listed in the overall Course Search.  Email Karly Little, if you are unable to locate your CRN.

Step 5: Pay for Classes
Step 5: Pay for Classes

Step 5: Pay for Classes

Classes at high our partner high schools are typically three or five credit hours apiece.  Rates below are per SINGLE credit hour.

Classes at High Schools or Barton County Campus

Partnered Online Rate

Barton Online Scholarship Rate

$50 per credit hour

$50 per credit hour

$75 per credit hour

  • Full or partial payments on campus: check, cash, credit card, or money order. 
  • Full or partial payments by mail (Do not mail cash or money orders.): 

Barton Community College
Attn:  Business Office
245 NE 30 Rd.
Great Bend, KS 67530

  • Full or partial payments over the phone by credit or debit card
  • Pay online or set up a formal payment plan through the Student Financial Center in the student’s MyBarton Portal.  Online payment includes a small fee.

Important:  Enrollments will be processed without payment.  Completing an enrollment is indication that the student will take and pay for the class.  Until paid, there will be a financial hold on the student’s account preventing future enrollments and transcript requests.

Read the full Financial Responsibility policy here.

Step 6: Give Access to a Third Party (like your parents/guardians)
Step 6: Give Access to a Third Party (like your parents/guardians)

Step 6:  Give Access to a Third Party (like your parents/guardians)

As a college student, your information is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)  This means the College can’t discuss your student information with anyone but you without your permission.  This protects your privacy to keep you and your information safe, BUT it also means that College employees can’t tell a parent or guardian how much you owe for tuition and fees.

To give us permission to provide financial information (including tuition/fees owed), follow these steps:

  • Log in to MyBarton Portal:
    • Lookup ID and Forgot PIN
  • Choose Student Financial Center
  • Choose "Authorized Users" under My Profile Setup
  • Choose "Add Authorized User"
  • Enter the email address for the person you want to set up as a user on your behalf.
  • Use the options to choose what you want that person to be able to view.
Step 6: Stay On Track with Advising
Step 6: Stay On Track with Advising

Step 6:  Stay On Track with Advising 

Do you have specific questions about academic advising?  Or do you want assigned to an academic advisor to help you with your college plans?  Email and include your name, ID number, and your question(s).

Having Issues?
Having Issues?

Having Issues?

Admissions Application Issues:

Placement Testing Questions:

Trouble Signing into the My Barton Portal—Follow the directions on the Portal Home Page then email:

Trouble Locating Your Class at Your School:

Specific Questions About Advising:

Additional Helpful Links for High School Students
Additional Helpful Links for High School Students

Barton gathers a high school official’s signature for each student. 

Transferability of Classes 
Barton County Upward Bound 
Articulation Agreements (transfer to four-year colleges & universities)
High School Articulation Agreements (transfer from high school to Barton)
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