Entrance to the shafer gallery

Support the Gallery

Why Support the Gallery?

The Shafer Gallery has been referred to as the gem of the campus, and it remains so through the generosity and support of donors. The Shafer Gallery boasts donors large and small from all across the county. In its relatively short history the gallery has grown both in prestige and reputation. It stands as an incredible testament to the talent and creativity of local and regional artists alike, and continues to provide this community with exhibits that equal even the most metropolitan of cities. 

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How to Support the Gallery

Cash Donations

Unrestricted Cash Donation: Gifts of cash that may be used for the benefit of the gallery, but do not fall under the guidelines of any set criteria or restrictions.

Restricted Cash Donation: Gifts of cash that are given with conditions or restrictions that define how they are to be utilized.


Outright Gifts of Art:

  • Works of art donated by artists themselves.
  • Works of art donated to the Gallery from a donor's collection.
  • Works of art purchased by a donor from any other source and donated to the Gallery.

Loaned Art:

  • Works of art loaned the artists themselves
  • Works of art loaned to the Gallery from a donor's collection
  • Works of art purchased by a donor from any other source and loaned to the Gallery

Gifts in Kind: Gifts to the gallery that do not qualify as art. The value of these gifts is determined by the donor. For example:

  • Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees to used during the month of December. The donor(s) are acknowledged by an appreciation placard by their tree
  • Donations of display cases, benches, lighting, etc. (Any item used to enhance the gallery that are not works of art)

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Serve as docents for gallery tours
  • Serve as hosts for special events
  • Serve refreshments at Gallery receptions
  • Serve on the Gallery Advisory Committee