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Counseling Links and Resources

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There are many resources for Barton students. Listed below, you can find information on Resources for Common Student Concerns, Local and Online Resources and Online Screening. For additional information or for free assessment and referral, contact Barton's counselor, Jakki Maser, MS, LPC by phone at (620) 792-9295 or by email at maserj@bartonccc.edu

Wellness Reporting

The counselor serves as a primary point of contact for the Wellness Team. Members of the Wellness Team seek your help in identifying Barton students who may be in need of guidance, support, and/or intervention. You may report to the Counselor in person or via email/ phone at the contact information listed above if you believe you have knowledge of a student(s) whose actions and behaviors cause concern. This report will not be used to initiate disciplinary action, but rather to get help for the student.

If you believe the student or the campus/community is in IMMEDIATE danger, please contact Campus Safety at (620) 792-9217 or call 911 (1-911 from a campus phone).

Resources For Student Concerns

Covid-19 Resources

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

National Resource Center for ADHD


Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Marijuana Addiction
Narcotics Anonymous (NA) 
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 
Sex Addiction
Shopping Addictions
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services


Campus Blues

Depression and Suicide

National Suicide Prevention Hotline | (800) 273-8255
Campus Blues 
Suicide Prevention
Helping a Depressed Person
Loss and Grief

General Mental Health Information


Eating Disorders and Self Harm

Help for Cutting and Other Self-injury
National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders
National Eating Disorder Association

Rape or Sexual/Domestic Assault

Kansas Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence 
   (888) 363-2287 (Kansas Crisis Hotline)

Local  Resources

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Cheryl Brown
Title IX Coordinator
Barton Community College
(620) 786-7441

Family Crisis Center
(620) 792-1885
The Center for Counseling & 24/7 Crisis Care
(620) 792-2544

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

(620) 792-5152

Counseling for All General Mental Health Concerns

The Center for Counseling & 24/7 Crisis Care
(620) 792-2544

Sandstone Bridge Center, LLC
(620) 603-6022

Healing Hearts Ranch Equine Therapy
(620) 792-5173

Heart of Kansas Family Health
(620) 792-5700

Free Online Screening

Online screenings tests and associated information do not provide a diagnosis and cannot substitute for a full evaluation by a mental health professional. Online screenings should only be used as a guide for informational purposes. If you have mental health concerns and feel your quality of life is being negatively affected by these concerns, please see a professional.

Alcohol Abuse
Cannabis and Drug Abuse
Compulsive Spending
Eating Disorders
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder