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Science Technology Engineering and Math at Barton!

What is STEM?

Many people hear the word STEM these days, but ask, what does that mean?

S = Science

T = Technology

E = Engineering

M = Mathematics

Our world is ever changing. It is important that our students are prepared to have research, computer, and problem-solving skills. These skills are learned in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics classes; collectively called STEM courses.

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STEM Activities at Barton
STEM Activities at Barton

Barton Community College provides multiple opportunities to interact with your fellow STEM students. We have a STEM Club, STEM Buddies, as well as three grant programs - FHSU NOYCE, KSU GEOPaths & KSU LSAMP.

Barton also conducts the Jack Kilby STEM Day every year in November for high school juniors and seniors to experience some of the ways that STEM happens throughout our life. Did you know that choreographers use math & science to create dance moves? Did you know that ceramics is related to STEM? These are examples of breakout sessions presented at Jack Kilby STEM day demonstrating STEM in other fields. 

In addition to those activities, we also have mini-STEM days throughout the year. So be sure to check out our tabs below to see what is happening around campus.

Students doing an experiments on potatoes.

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Are you creative? Do you enjoy a good challenge? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then come check out the STEM Club.

Student flying Drone at JKSTEMDaySTEM Club is an extra-curricular student activity group. The club encourages research and development through hands-on interactive learning. We promote education in the STEM fields as well as giving education majors support. STEM Club members provide community outreach opportunities through Barton's mini-STEM Day activities. All students are encouraged to bring their ideas, creativity, and curiosities as topics are driven by student interest.

We have a Facebook group as well to discuss topics, share pictures, and announce meetings.

Barton's STEM Club is lead by  Dr. Amanda Alliband.

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Upcoming STEM Club Activities

More activities coming in the Fall 2024 semester.

Community Outreach
Community Outreach

Barton Community College is interested in bringing STEM to our community and has several outreach programs.

We work with the Great Bend Rec Center to provide activities during the summer.

If you would like more information about our outreach activities - please email

STEM Grants at Barton
STEM Grants at Barton

Groundwater Geosciences Grant with Kansas State University

Kansas Groundwater Geopaths consists of a 3-year groundwater study supported via National Science Foundation (NSF) funding. Participants include Kansas State University, Barton Community College, and Dodge City Community College. Detailed information concerning the Geopaths study resides here.

KS-LSAMP Grant with Kansas State University and Wichita State University

KLSAMP alliance partnersThe Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation is a National Science Foundation program that assists colleges and universities in diversifying the workforce entering STEM fields by supporting institutions’ efforts to increase the numbers of students that successfully complete baccalaureate degrees in these fields.

The Kansas Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (KS-LSAMP) promotes recruitment and retention programs throughout Kansas in support of increasing the success of underrepresented minority students (URMs) in STEM fields.

Partner institutions consisting of Kansas State University, Wichita State University and five additional Kansas community colleges were selected because they serve the rapidly growing Hispanic/Latino population of the state. These institutions will work together to implement specialized activities for students at critical junctures in their careers such as high school to college and the transition from two-year to four-year institutions.

Learn more about the Wichita State LSAMP program 

STEM Fields and Careers
STEM Fields and Careers

Many careers in the STEM field overlap, thus they are considered a STEM job. There are many opportunities for good, high paying jobs in the growing STEM fields which are still expanding. In 2015, there were around 9 million STEM jobs in the US. And it keeps growing. Soon the number of competent tech graduates will not meet the demand of jobs.

At Barton, we are committed to helping you prepare for the STEM career you want to pursue. We have laboratory and technology facilities that give you “hand-on” learning experience. Our instructors have experiences working in their field.

Degree Maps
Degree Maps

Associate in Science
STEM Education 

View the full list of Curriculum Guides (applicable for students admitted prior to Fall 2024) and Degree Maps (applicable for students admitted Fall 2024 and after).

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