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Last week we briefly discussed the history of pesticide development and use from WWII through the early 1970s and the mistakes that were made in overuse, developing resistant pests, and the environmental health issues that arouse. Today, a synopsis of what changed, were we are, and hopefully where we are headed.

As of January 25 our area is still in moderate drought. The Southwest portion of Kansas is seeing a continuing expansion of extreme drought. Things aren’t looking good for improving soil moisture over the week or so, however, the portions of Northwest Kansas receiving over a foot of snow were helped but not enough to eliminate the drought.

Barton Community College’s Center for Adult Education will soon begin another nine-week session of classes. However, orientation days are required before starting the class.

Students interested in auditioning for vocal ensembles, instrumental ensembles, dance ensembles, learning about scholarships opportunities in performing arts for the 2022-2023 season, and visiting with our directors in vocal, instrumental, dance or theatre are encouraged to sign up for one of three “Scholarship Audition Days” on Feb. 12, March 12 or April 2 at