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Barton Community College Library to host book fair

barton library circulation desk and book shelves

March 13, 2023
Story by Joe Vinduska

Community members wanting to pick up some new reading material will have an opportunity to do so at no cost at the Barton Community College Library’s “Cougar Book Fair” from April 14-16 in the Barton Library in the center of campus.

The schedule is as follows:

April 14: 5-7 p.m. “Cougar Night” for Barton students, faculty, staff, and alumni only.
April 15: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Open to the public.
April 16: 1- 5 p.m. Open to the public.

Books are free and are predominately used hardcovers. Books will be sorted into academic classifications for easier browsing. There will be several fiction books available as well. Library staff asks that all attendees exercise courtesy when browsing selections and refrain from sweeping tables, stashing or other forms of hoarding. No dealers or barcode scanners will be allowed.

For more information, contact Director of Library and College Archives Darren Ivey at or (620) 792-9362.