Retired Senior Volunteer Program

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RSVP Program

The Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is a nationwide network of persons 55 years of age and older, who work as volunteers helping their communities.

These individuals share a lifetime of skills and experiences. They contribute their time, knowledge, and effort to their communities, serving in the areas of health and nutrition, education, economic development, housing, energy, and conservation, community service, drug abuse, libraries, museums, literacy and many others.

Through RSVP you will be given an opportunity to contribute your time, experience, knowledge and interest to others in your community who need you and your commitment. Another way you can help Barton County RSVP is by contributing to its support.

Equally important, as a senior volunteer, you will find what you receive is often more than you give - your life will be enriched many times over by your active participation in your community with those who periodically need you and your commitment.

Get in on the action, Seniors!

Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with new friends filling community needs such as:

  • Help to bridge the generation gap by working with children in school, assisting with reading skills or as a mentor at public schools.
  • Visit isolated elderly people who need friends.
  • Provide medical transportation for Barton County residents without other means.
  • Use your special talents such as carpentry, artwork and sewing to teach or make needed items.
  • Help with group projects such as assembling newsletters and mailings for community groups and agencies.
  • Assist Barton County Food Bank in various capacities.
  • Support the Red Cross blood drives by assisting at the various locations.