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Special Circumstances

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Although the process of determining a student's eligibility for Federal Student Aid is basically the same for all applicants, there is some flexibility. The Financial Aid Office has the authority to adjust the cost of attendance (COA) or the income information used to calculate Expected Family Contribution (EFC) to allow for special circumstances that cause income provided on the FAFSA to be an inaccurate reflection of the student's financial situation.

These circumstances could include a family's unusually high medical or dental expenses or tuition expenses for children attending a private elementary or secondary school. Also, an adjustment may be made if a family member has been laid off or terminated from employment.

If conditions such as these apply, students are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office. Consideration of documentation provided will be considered and the student will be contacted regarding the adjustment of information or the denial of the request. The decision of the Financial Aid Office is final and cannot be appealed to the U.S. Department of Education.

All Professional Judgement requests and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office by November 1st of the fall term, April 1st of the spring term and June 1st of the summer term.