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How to Enroll

After applying for admission to Barton, follow these easy steps to enroll!

1. Look Up Classes
1. Look Up Classes

Review the course search for your selected term to learn more about course offerings.

2. Review Prerequisite Requirements
2. Review Prerequisite Requirements

Select courses require prerequisites which are listed in the course search linked above. Prerequisite documentation is required for all students, regardless of degree-seeking status. Prerequisite documentation includes transcripts and/or placement test scores.

3. Submit Test Scores or Schedule Placement Testing    
3. Submit Test Scores or Schedule Placement Testing    

Students enrolling in Math or English courses without other prerequisite documentation must take a placement test to determine readiness for college level coursework. Barton accepts ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, and other standardized placement scores. Select the links below for your respective campus location.

Barton County Campus
Barton Online
Fort Riley Campus 
Fort Leavenworth Campus 

4. Contact an Advisor
4. Contact an Advisor

All degree seeking students are assigned an advisor; non degree seeking students are assigned to The Advisement Center for academic advisement.  We encourage students to review a course schedule and degree planning with an advisor. Advisor name and contact information may be found within your MyBarton Portal.

5. Enroll  
5. Enroll  

For students taking classes at the Barton County campus:

  • Go to MyBarton Portal and select the Self-Service > Student card to enroll.

  • Registration Instructions - See below

For students taking Barton Online classes:

For students attending other Barton campuses:

Registration Instuctions
Registration Instuctions

Registering for Classes Instructions

  • Select Register/Drop/View My Schedule
  • Select Term
  • Find Classes - Search using Subject, Course Number, Campus, Schedule Type,
    Session, Meeting Days,  Instructor, or use any Keywords in a class and Search. 
    Select a course and Add Class
  • Enter CRN’s option – Enter CRN and Add to Summary
  • Review course information by clicking on the course title.  Information on course
    description, prerequisites, and fees are displayed.
  • Review Summary (lower right) and Submit to Register
  • Review Registration Error Instructions if any (upper right)
  • Click on Tuition and Fees for fee assessment


Maximum Course Enrollment Guidelines
Maximum Course Enrollment Guidelines

Student Maximum Course Enrollment Guidelines

  • The minimum load for full-time student status is 12 credits; however, Barton encourages students to enroll in at least 15-16 hours per semester to meet graduation requirements within two years. Degrees have varying credit hour requirements; thus, students should work closely with their advisor to identify their degree’s requirements. Full-time status for financial assistance is 12 hours per semester. A student may receive partial financial assistance for part-time status.
  • Recognizing the importance of a student’s success includes academic performance, integrity practices and a robust college experience, the maximum student course enrollment is as follows:

Fall/Spring Semesters
21 credits – maximum course load; requires no permission

Summer Semester
15 credits – maximum course load; requires no permission


  • Students enrolled in Barton’s Fort Leavenworth and Fort Riley LSEC program are limited to three classes per cycle.  There are three cycles per fall and springs terms; therefore, nine classes are allowable during the fall and an additional nine classes are available during the spring.  There is only one cycle during the summer term.
  • Students enrolled in accelerated programs, such as some of the workforce programs.

Appeal Process

  • Students in good standing (minimum 2.5 grade point average) may appeal to take an additional six credits per semester for a total of 27 in Fall/Spring and 21 in summer. Student appeals may be submitted via an electronic form.
  • Appeals must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days before the desired course(s) begin. Upon receipt, the request will be researched and considered with a final decision made no later than five days before the course(s) begin.
  • Appeals will route to the VP’s Office; representatives will route to the applicable Dean.


Appeal Form 

Additional Resources for New Students