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Access Codes

What is an Access Code?

An access code is a password that you use to access course materials online. The material you access will depend on the particular course you are taking but, can include such things as practice exams, interactive videos, and course assignments. If your instructor requires you to purchase an access code it is most likely either to help you further understand the textbook material or, part of your grade may come from completing the online content.

Can Access Codes be Purchased Separately from the Bookstore?

Unfortunately access codes can only be purchase with the textbook. We do offer used books with the access codes when available, as well as new books in which the access codes are included in a package.

How Long Can I Use my Access Code and, is it Good for More Than One Course?

Your access code is good for a specific text and can generally be used for between 6 months to 2 years.

Can my Access Code be Returned of Sold Back to the Bookstore?

Once the access code has been used it cannot be returned or used by another student.

Can the Access Code be Shared with a Friend?

Unfortunately each student must have their own access code.