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Assessment of Student Learning: Where and How

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Assessment is viewed as continuous improvement. It is the driving force that can build a more effective and meaningful course, program, degree, and a more robust and rewarding educational experience for Barton students.

By identifying and focusing in on the respective student learning outcomes that students are struggling with, faculty and staff can make strategic improvements to the respective course, program, and co-curricular areas at Barton. 

Fundamental and General Education Learning Outcomes 
Program Learning Outcomes 
Program Learning Outcomes FAQ

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Program assessment looks at the various skills and abilities students should achieve throughout a given program at Barton.  By assessing these outcomes, we can enact programmatic adjustments to drive improved student learning; thereby maintaining the high educational standards and quality that you have come to expect. 


Barton’s mission statement gives a clear commitment to putting learners and learning first in all matters concerning the operation of the college. As such, the assessment process begins at the course level with a focus on classroom assessment and its results as the foundation of the process.


Barton recognizes that learning is not limited to the classroom and values that learning is most effective when students are able to make meaningful connections across their many educational experiences, both curricular and co-curricular.

Why does it matter to you? 

The staff and faculty at Barton are continually working to improve.  They are interested in knowing how their students learn and how to improve their teaching methods.  What instructors learn about their students and how well they learn the material will affect how the information is presented to the next class and the one after that in a continuous cycle of improvement.