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Barton’s Assessment Institute is an in-house training program developed to educate faculty and staff on the assessment of student learning and to develop the next generation of assessment leaders.

Barton’s Assessment Institute benefits its employees, students and the institution, and addresses the following issues:


  1. Who will be the next assessment leaders at Barton? (Sustainability)
  2. Who understands the holistic assessment picture at Barton? (Consistency)
  3. How will Barton ensure continuous quality improvement? (Empowerment)

The Assessment Institute is Barton County Community College’s solution to these issues.  By educating faculty and staff on the assessment of student learning, the Institute is developing the next generation of assessment leaders.

Upon completion of the Assessment Institute, participants serve on an Assessment Subcommittee the following academic year with the mentorship of seasoned team members.  They are better educated on assessment and free to speak their mind and challenge the status-quo.  As a result, the College and its students are the beneficiaries of experienced Institute graduates who are confident to lead and empowered to improve upon previous assessment accomplishments of the institution. 

Assessment logoBenefits

  • Sustainability
    • Education with current assessment literature.
    • Membership on Assessment Subcommittees.
  • Consistency
    • Hands-on practice with direct supervision.
    • Time for reflection on what has been learned.
  • Empowerment
    • Active discussion-based learning.
    • Participants gained confidence in their knowledge and ability to participate in and to contribute to Assessment Committees and projects.


The Assessment Institute graduated its third class in 2021 with an additional eight participants bringing the total number to 21 completing the given curriculum.  They have all joined an assessment subcommittee and have added their own perspective to further enrich assessment at Barton.  At the end of the second year of service, graduates may elect to step down from the respective assessment subcommittee, and currently none have elected this option.