Exterior of the LRC building

Hispanic Engagement and Recruitment Office (HERO)

The Hispanic Engagement and Recruitment Office exists primarily to familiarize prospective students, their families, and other community members with the educational opportunities and services available through Barton Community College.  

About HERO

Hispanic Engagement and Recruitment office (HERO) is here to help students get started here at Barton Community College. HERO was established because the number of Hispanic students in our service area and around the country are growing drastically.  With this being said the vast majority of these students are first generation college students, so there is not much knowledge on the processes involved with post-secondary education. Hero is here to fill that need and is here as a resource to assist in all the processes involved with post-secondary education. HERO is here to assist the Hispanic community and make it easier for Hispanic students to enter Barton Community College with all questions they or their families might have.  At the HERO office, they may ask questions in confidence and receive all the information in Spanish if that is what they prefer. HERO engages students since they are in High School and show them the processes of what needs to be accomplished in order to attend Barton and be successful.  When their senior year arrives, they are helped with FAFSA completion as well as other scholarships.  They are also connected with other programs on campus that help them as well. Once the student is attending Barton, they will have a support system here exclusively for Hispanic students. HERO staff will also take them on transfer visits and assist them with transferring to other universities after their time at Barton Community College.

About H.A.L.O.

H.A.L.O. is a student organization at Barton Community College. We are dedicated to promoting the Hispanic culture on campus and throughout the Great Bend community. We also seek to develop leadership skills and encourage academic excellence. H.A.L.O stands for Hispanic American Leadership Organization. On the Barton County campus, HALO functions as a social network for Hispanic students while fostering and perpetuating the traditions and customs of our people through college and civic events. HALO serves as a unifying organization for other Latino based student groups.

History of HALO

The Hispanic American Leadership Organization was founded in the fall of 1971 and has had a rich history in the past 40 years in colleges and universities nationwide... Originally formed as the Association of Mexican American Students (AMAS), the organization later adopted the national name of MECHA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) and it was not until the mid-1980´s that the organization became what we know today as HALO. Since its establishment, HALO has increased its presence on campuses around the nation while still following through with its original mission and has grown to establish chapters at several other universities and colleges, truly unifying Latino students across Kansas and the rest of the nation. Although HALO might be something new on the Barton campus, the University of Kansas (KU) has had a HALO chapter for over 35 Years. With the Hispanic population increasing in colleges around the nation, more HALO Chapters have begun to emerge.