Team Sports Facilities

Need a place to practice? We can help! The following team-sports facilities are available for rent.

Kirkman Center
The Kirkman Center can be used for practices or event activities.

Team practices - $75 per hour. Weekly booking for five consecutive months is available for $2,000. (Maximum of two hours per activity, once per week.)
Special events - $400 for four hours or less; $1,000 for more than four hours.

Softball Practice Field (team practices) - $50 per hour

Baseball Field (events) - $50 per hour (additional $60 per hour for use of lights)

Swimming Pool - $60 per hour (includes one life guard); $80 per hour for groups of more than 35. Check out more information about the pool.

For more information, call (620) 786-1144, or send an email.