Title IX Resources

Read below for resources available to students on the Barton County Campus, Great Bend Community, Fort Riley Campus, Grandview Plaza Campus, Fort Leavenworth Campus, as well as State and National resources.

As a Barton student, you have some basic rights and resources available to you as either the reporting or responding party. For more information, please read the Sexual Assault Information Packet for Reporting Party or Sexual Assault Information Packet for Responding Party

Resources and Interim/Protective Measures Available to Reporting or Responding Party

Advocate/support person of your choice
Health and mental health support
Alternate housing placements
Alternative work schedules/locations
Course schedule changes
Academic accommodations
No contact orders
Leaves of absence
Campus escort services
Increased security and monitoring of certain areas of campus
Limitations on extracurricular/athletic activities
Other interim safety measures

Barton County Campus Resources

Barton Title IX Coordinator
Cheryl Brown
(620) 786-7441

Campus Safety Officers
(620) 792-9217

Counseling Services
(620) 792-9295

Student Health Services
(620) 792-9233

Office of Student Affairs
(620) 792-9226 

Great Bend Community Resources

Great Bend Regional Hospital
Emergency and Medical Services
514 Cleveland Street
Great Bend, Kansas                                                                  
(620) 792-8833

Family Crisis Center
1924 Broadway Avenue
Great Bend, Kansas
(620) 792-1885
(866) 792-1885

Heart of Kansas
1905 19th Street
Great Bend, Kansas
(620) 792-5700

The Center for Counseling and Consultation & 24/7 Crisis Care
(620) 792-2544

DREAM, Inc. drug and alcohol abuse and addiction
Hays, Kan.
(785) 628-6655

Fort Riley Campus Resources

Janet Balk Ft. Riley, Title IX Representative
Academic Programs Building 211, P.O. Box 2463
Fort Riley, KS 66442-0463
(785) 784-6606 ex. 762

Fort Riley Crisis Center
(800) 727-2785

SHARP 24/7 Hotline
(785) 307-9338

SHARP Office
(785) 239-2277
(785) 239-3379

Grandview Plaza Campus Resources

Lindsay Holmes, Title IX Representative
Program Director
100 Continental Drive
Grandview Plaza, KS 66441
(866) 452-1108, Toll Free: (785) 238-8550 ext. 743


Pawnee Mental Health Services
814 Caroline Avenue
Junction City, Kansas
(785) 762-5250

Family Care Centre of Junction City
132 Eisenhower Drive
Junction City, Kansas
(785) 762-4210

Geary Community Hospital
1102 St. Mary’s Road
Junction City, Kansas
(785) 238-4131

The Crisis Center
(785) 539-2785 Manhattan
(785) 762-8835 Junction City
(800) 727-2785 other areas

Fort Leavenworth Campus Resources

Erika Jenkins-Moss, Title IX Representative
Director of Learning Services
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027
(785) 784-6606 ext 772


SARC 24/7 Hotline
(913) 683-144

St. John Hospital
3500 S. 4th Street
Leavenworth, Kansas
(913) 680-6000

St. Luke’s Cushing Hospital
711 Marshall Street
Leavenworth, Kansas
(913) 684-1100

The Guidance Center|
500 Limit Street
Leavenworth, Kansas
(913) 682-5118

Alliance Against Family Violence
522 Kickapoo Street
Leavenworth, Kansas
(800) 644-1441
(913) 682-9131
(913) 682-9132

State and National Resources

Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence
(888) 363-2287

RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network)
(800) 656-HOPE (4673)

Kansas Legal Services
(800) 723-6953


Department of Education: Office for Civil Rights (OCR)

The Office of Title IX and Clery Compliance