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Step 1: Complete an Application for Student Employment (click here to open) and mail or return to: (you only have to completed a student employment application one time per school year)

Please note: For best results, fill out the application using Adobe Reader. If you are on a Mac and only have the Preview application available, after completing the PDF form, choose Print from the File menu and then use the dialog box's PDF option to save it to a PDF. Important: You will not be able to edit the form after this operation.


    Submit Application Via Email:


    Mail to:
    Career Center
    Barton Community College
    Learning Resource Center, Room: 133
    245 NE 30 Rd.
    Great Bend, Kansas 67530

Please review the Student Employment Eligibility Criteria.

Step 2: Apply for position(s) you are interested in.  Click on any blue or purple link and fill out form.  You can apply for more than one position, click on the department(s) you are interested in, and then click on submit. Only click on department(s) that have an opening that you are interested in applying for. Upon receipt, your application will be sent to that department if eligible for that employment. 

Step 3: Supervisors will review applications and select their employee(s).

On-Campus Student Job Openings

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If you have any questions you can E-mail us at careercenter@bartonccc.edu or contact the Career Center at 620.792.9349. 


Department Duties Hours Needed Needed by: (month) Number of Openings Date Posted


Fort Riley: Bookstore Assistant


The Bookstore student hire is under the direction and supervision of the Programs Manager/Fort Riley and is responsible for the operation of the Ft. Riley bookstore.

1. Conducts inventory of all LSEC/BSEP program books each cycle.

2. Conducts inventory of College Programs loaner books at the end of each cycle.

3. Prepare LSEC/BSEP/College list of the missing books on the last day of the cycle.

4. Maintain financial records for LSEC/BSEP text books and educational material.

5. Maintain books and educational material inventory records for LSEC/College/BSEP program.

6. Responsible for transporting LSEC/BSEP/College books to appropriate classrooms where classes are located.

7. Coordinates all books for classes offered in LSEC/BSEP/College program with instructors. 8. Identify and repair books to increase the life of the text books.

9. Provide instructors with Publishers’ updates of new editions in educational materials

Required Knowledge, Skills

1. Ability to use computers for tracking inventory, billing, and communication.

2. Ability to work without close supervision.

3. Must be able to lift at least 50-75 lb boxes.

4. Must be able to drive vehicle on Fort Riley.

 20 hours per week; flexible around class schedule

 April  1  4/4/14


 Library will be hiring a summer employee (June-August) to assist mainly with scanning in the Barton Archives. 

**To be considered for employment during the summer academic term, the "Student Employment" employee will be chosen according to the following prioritized selection criteria:

1) Placement of those students who worked in a student employment position in the spring academic term and who will continue working in the same student employment position for the summer academic term;

2) Placement of those students who are enrolled/pr-enrolled for the fall academic term;

3) Placement of those students enrolled for the summer academic term; OR...

4) Placement of those students who were enrolled in the prior spring academic term



 9-15 hours

June 1 4/1/14

 Computer Lab

 Responsible for assisting  with fundamental care and maintenance of  computer lab , to serve as a tutor to students requiring additional support with operating systems and software, and to provide aid to the TACs department as the need arises. Individuals applying towards this position should be familiar with the primary components of a computer, be familiar with the windows operating system, and be motivated to complete the necessary tasks associate with the position in a timely and professional manner and be able to work with little or no supervision.

 Tues. 6PM-9PM

Wed. 4PM-9PM

February 1-2 2/27/14

 Field Maintenance



 Perform general maintenance and grounds keeping pertaining to field maintenance. Perform laundry services for baseball and softball athletes. Provide attendant services for basketball games. Custodial clean-up services for gym after basketball games. General knowledge of athletic field upkeep and maintenance required.

 Flexible around schedule

 February  2  2/14/14

  Child Development Center

 Assist Lead Care Provider in supervision of classrooms and playgrounds.  Assist with preparation of educational programming and daily routines.  May need to assist with  general housekeeping tasks.  Attend mandated staff meetings and recommended training opportunities. Assist the Center in public relation efforts.

 MWF: 9-11 AM(two openings)MWF: 11-1  PM(one opening)

T/R: 8-12:30
(two openings)

February 2-3 3/25/14
 Grounds Maintenance

 Student will assist with general upkeep of the facilities. Major Responsibilities: Performs the routine maintenance Grounds duties will include: weeding, watering, mowing, trash pick up, planting, digging, painting, etc. Must be able to work flexible hours. Must follow safety requirements pertaining to the grounds/general maintenance duties assigned.

 Flexible around schedule

October 1-2 10/2/13
CKUB Chaperone

 Chaperone high school age students on field trips, which may include overnight trips. Ability to drive a 15 passenger van, ability to pass background check, clean driving record required. If working over the summer semester, job requires staying on campus for evening/overnight shifts. Other duties as assigned by Director of CKUB.

 One weekend per month

August 1 08/15/13
Public Relations

Student Videographer: Help produce, shoot, and edit videos of Barton student activities. Videos are shared on Barton social media including:  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, cable TV, and other subscription streaming platforms.  Students must have an interest in field production and basic video camera skills and general knowledge of lighting and audio equipment. Students must have a solid understanding of Adobe CS Production Suite

Up to 20 hours per week; flexible around class schedule

August 1-4 08/01/14


Student Employment
Student employees are paid once a month, as part of the hourly payroll, on the first Friday of every month. Prior to starting work, student employees must complete the required payroll forms, in their entirety, in the Office of Human Resources.

Prior to each payroll, students must turn in their completed time sheets to the Office of Human Resources for processing by the designated deadlines. On payday, paychecks will be distributed to student employees by the Business Office. The Business Office is located in the office complex of the Kirkman Visitor Center. The Business Office may be reached by telephone at (620) 792-9316.

For more information on pay periods, turn-in times, or pay dates, please refer to the Hourly Employees Pay Calendar. A copy of this calendar may be obtained from the student employee's supervisor, the Office of Human Resources, the Business Office or by clicking here.

Equal Employment Opportunity, Equal Education Opportunity and Affirmative Action
To provide equal employment, advancement and learning opportunities to all individuals, employment and student admission decisions at Barton will be based on merit, qualifications, and abilities. Barton County Community College does not discriminate on the basis of any characteristic protected by law in all aspects of employment and admission in its education programs or activities. Any person having inquiries concerning Barton County Community College's non-discrimination compliance policy, including the application of Equal Opportunity Employment, Titles IV, VI, VII, IX, Section 504 and the implementing regulations, is directed to contact the College's Compliance Officer, Barton County Community College, Room A-105, Great Bend, Kansas 67530 (620) 792-9234. Any person may also contact the Director, Office of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, Washington, DC 20201.

(Revised and approved by President on 12/1/06)


Guidelines for Student Employee Interview Process

Sample of Interview Questions

Student Employee/Supervision

Confidentiality form for student employment


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