Why Barton?

For each person who enrolls at Barton, the benefits differ according to one's needs, desires, and what one wants from the Barton experience.  For some...

...it's knowing the faculty and staff at Barton truly care about your student as a person first and foremost.  As you read thru the website or talk with former Barton students, you'll continuously hear them same they felt Barton actually cared about them.

...it's knowing the faculty at Barton not only care about your student's academic progress but care about him/her as a person.  Succeeding in class is important but so is succeeding in life with the knowledge he/she will learn in the classroom.  At Barton we not only teach him/her in the classroom but we help him/her apply it to what really matters...real life.

...its the opportunities to get involved, perhaps even "re-inventing" oneself.  With over 30 clubs, organizations, and performance groups there is something for everyone.

...its the class sizes.  At Barton he/she learn in smaller class sizes giving the opportunity to know classmates and most of all, the opportunity to know the instructor on a personal level.  Not everyone is a wiz at math, english, or perhaps science so it's a great feeling to know personal assistance is available if/when needed.

...its the cost.  We hear it in the news almost every day about the cost of education continuing to rise.  At Barton you will find the cost to be half of what it costs to attend a four-year school.  A Barton is education is affordable, with many options on helping students pay to make dreams a reality.

...its the convenience of Barton's class scheduling.  Whether it's classes while in high school, face-to-face traditional classroom settings, online classes adapting to busy schedules, or hybrid classes which blend classroom and online instruction, Barton has classes to fit needs and schedule.

...its the opportunity to quickly get job training to help get into the workforce or improve skills at a current workplace.

...its the opportunity to shape his/her college experience the way he/she wants it.

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