All About Money

Chances are this isn't your first rodeo on helping a student get to college and/or helping him/her with paying for college options.


One thing we encourage students to do is get involved.  From events/activities/organizations within the high school and/or in your community, involvement can assist a student with financial needs.  From scholarships given by community/civic groups to college scholarships, a student's involvement and care for others can be a factor on scholarships.

Apply for Barton scholarships before the March 15 deadline.  Barton automatically awards students based on academic achievements, as well as a student's involvement within activity and performance groups.

Federal Financial Aid:

Encourage your student to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  By filling this out your student may be eligible for federal pell grants, student loans, and/or parent loans.

In addition, FAFSA has a very helpful website with many resources to assist you in visiting with students and parents as they plan and prepare for college.  Click on the following link to go directly to their site:  Federal Student Aid for Counselors

Payment Options:

Barton's payment plan is offered by NelNet. The plan allows you to make monthly payments by credit card or from your checking or savings account.  The plan requires a $30 per semester non-refundable enrollment fee and completion of the online application.  Information requires the student's Barton ID number, name and address of the person responsible for making payments, and the bank information or credit card information.  To access the NelNet payment plan, please log into your PAWS account.

If you have additional questions about the payment plan or are unable to enroll in the payment plan, please contact the Business office at 620-792-9319 for additional information or assistance.

Don't let the cost of college keep you from attending Barton or any other higher education opportunity. Let us help with any questions and concerns!

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