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Contact Information:

Tina Grillot
Coordinator of Industrial Training
(620) 792-9325


Mary Foley
Executive Director of Workforce Training & Economic Development
(620) 792-9278


"Things are going great here in Yuma.  So far I love my job.  It is a great stress free environment.  I'm learning something new every day.  You were absolutely correct when you said the gas jobs have great benefits and pay!  On my first day of employment I received a pickup, cell phone and three credit cards - just to name a few plus the benefits are near unbeatable as far as I am concerned.  I am definitely staying here until I retire!  (If they still like me).  I am still training for a couple more months, then I get my first promotion to Operator II, which will be very nice.  Basically my job entails me to find, locate, and mark the pipeline when we get a one-call.  Also, I perform routine maintenance on the compressor stations at Yuma and St. Francis.  I will be going to all of the overhauls in the district - St. Francis, Hoxie, Ogallah, Levant, Yuma, and Otis.  So I will be learning alot of things within the first year."

Nathan Lundquist
Natural Gas  Graduate


Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution

Why Barton?

  • Industry driven program and curriculum
  • Faculty and trainers directly from industry
  • Technology driven program; cutting edge equipment
  • Accelerated program – students complete initial certifi cate training in 16 weeks. Class sessions meet Monday-Friday (all day each day)
  • Additional certificate training and an Associate of Applied Science degree available
  • Students recruited right out of the classroom by industry
  • Hands-on training
  • Paid internships/apprenticeships
  • 30 Credit hour Gas Measurement Training
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Occupational Outlook Information

  • High Demand, High Skill, High Wage Occupation
  • Nearly half of the utilities workforce will be nearing retirement age within the next 10 years, resulting in excellent opportunities for qualifi ed entrants.
  • Persons with college training or advanced technical education will have the best employment opportunities

Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook 2008-2009 Edition

  • Median Wages (2007) $22.18 hourly, $46,140 annual
  • Employment (2006) 43,000 employees
  • Projected Need (2006-2016) 8,000 additional employees
    Source: O-Net Online


Certificate Gainful Employment Information

Barton Program Preps Workers for Flourishing Natural Gas Industry


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