Department Websites

Students working over a gurneyBarton has many learning experiences to offer. Beyond the Program Web pages located though the Programs of Study page, some instructors and program coordinators maintain department websites.  Some departments listed to the left focus on general education, such as Visual and Performance Arts, Math, or English. Other departments target career pathways, perhaps utilities or medical fields.

These additional sites serve as ways for instructors to share information with their students and the public about their program. Department websites serve as an entry point on the Web for prospective students, who are looking for insight to program features, Bill Forst at the wheellearning experience, or additional information. These websites also serve as information sources for the public, reaching beyond initial information for prospective students. To communicate electronically with students enrolled in a course, instructors maintain e-Companion course shells within the e-College Course Management System BartOnline.

Select Programs of Study for a complete listing of programs offered at Barton.

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