In the October 2007 Advisory Board meeting of the Silver Cougar Club, it was suggested that the members be given the opportunity to donate and participate in the scholarship program through the Barton Community College Foundation.  A committee consisting of Marilyn Charles, Homer Taggart, Lillian and Paul Tschopp was appointed to set the criteria for such a scholarship fund. The scholarship criteria was then approved by the SCC Advisory Board.

Members are encouraged to contribute to the scholarship fund at any time, but the membership renewal form includes an option to donate also.

All donations to the Silver Cougar Club Scholarship fund are tax-deductible.

Silver Cougar Scholarship Recipients

12-13 Academic Awards

Jason Toll

Stacy Walker


11-12 Academic Awards

Autumn Millan


10-11 Academic Awards

Fonda Rush, Geneseo, KS 

Tiffany Williams, Lyons, KS


09-10 Academic Award

Jeremy Weller, Great Bend, KS


08-09 Academic Award

Tara Gray, Lyons, KS



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