Barton Theatre students produce parody “Harry’s Hotter at Twilight”

November 6, 2012
Story by Joe Vinduska
Photos by Brandon Steinert

You’d have to be living in a deep deep hole to have not heard of the “Harry Potter” or “Twilight” series. That makes them ripe for the picking for a parody. Barton Theatre students are taking a crack at producing an entire show filled to the brim with a vast variety of pop-culture references from these two series and many more iconic and infamous characters from across the pantheon of the entertainment world. The entirely student-directed show, "Harry's Hotter at Twilight" written by Jonathan Dorf, will premiere at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, November 15 in the Fine Arts Auditorium, with an additional showing at the same time November 16.

Barton Theatre students are responsible for all aspects of the show from technical direction, wardrobe and promotion to all performance aspects as part of their Play Production course.

“It’s a bit difficult to cut the cord at first, but these students have completed an extensive mock directing unit in our Play Production course, and are ready for the challenge,” Barton Theatre Director Erin Renard said of allowing the students to control the entire production.

Renard said the entire department is deliberately designed to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of theatre.

“At Barton, we have a holistic approach to teaching theatre,” she said. “The student productions are essential to the overall appreciation for the many crafts involved in theatre as well as giving the students the artistic freedom to express themselves.”

One of the five co-directors freshman Holly Mosier said maintaining order and focus is one of the biggest hurdles the production team has faced.

“It’s difficult to keep the cast focused as well as making sure we really stay on task because we are all friends, so it’s really hard to move from hanging out as friends to getting work done,” she said. “It’s a big challenge, but we are able to be productive.”

After looking through several scripts, the production team settled on the parody-style comedy for its lighthearted nature, and with character names such as “Uptight Know-It-All-Girl-Wizard,” “Wacko McFly,” and “Hot-Shirtless-Guy,” the production is anything but traditional.

“This show is very funny, and we are adding a lot of bits where the characters can break character and interact with the crowd,” she said. “It just feels really active, and the set is awesome, and the overall look is going to be really cool, and in the end it’s always fun to make fun of something with a parody.”

Admission is free for all students with an ID (high school or college); admission for non-students, $5; tickets available at the ticket window on nights of performance; doors open at 7 p.m. Seating is limited and tickets will be available in advance in the Fine Arts Office Monday, November 12. All seats are General Admission (Black Box Seating).

Harry's Hotter at Twilight

(From Left) Barton Students C.J. Bookout, Holly Mosier and Scott Crist all play wizards in the production, and in keeping with the nature of a parody, wield cooking spoons instead of wands.

Harry's Hotter at Twilight

Student Holly Mosier demonstrates a vampire bite on co-star Grady Bolding at a rehearsal.

Harry's Hotter at Twilight

Mythical characters from their respective fantasy worlds confront each other in the forest.

Harry's Hotter at Twilight

Student Rose Radenburg menacingly wields her “wand” as the evil wizard “The Fine Diner.”

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