Barton Profile #1: Dr. Kathy Kottas

Dr. Kathy Kottas

(This is the first of an ongoing series of bi-weekly articles profiling students, faculty and staff who make BCC a standout institution. - Story by Joe Vinduska/Photo by Brandon Steinert)

Dr. Kathy Kottas - Executive Director of Nursing and Healthcare Education

Lyons, Kan.

Where were you employed before coming to Barton Community College?  
I was at Central Kansas Family Practice for the last 16 years as a family nurse practitioner.

Why did you choose to work at BCC?
I wanted to get back into education and work with students again. I taught back in the ‘80s and ‘90s in the nursing program. The opportunity arose to come back as the director, and I decided the timing was right and was ready for the challenge.

What does your typical day look like?
I’m the director for several programs under the healthcare education umbrella, so I attend meetings for information, program approval and planning, and I do a lot of work on the computer to keep all of the programs organized and functioning well. I spend a lot of time on student and faculty advisement as well.

What’s your favorite part about your job?
It’s rewarding when the students finally begin to realize some of the skills they have and that they know how to handle certain situations. I enjoy watching that “light bulb” come on.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
The biggest challenge is the ever-changing world of healthcare and keeping up with the changes so that all of the healthcare programs at BCC are cutting edge. We want to offer the best healthcare programs in Kansas and want our graduates to be leaders in their respective healthcare fields.

What projects are you most excited about in the coming year?
We have several exciting things coming up! We are adding leadership courses to the nursing program and working on the accreditation process for the Medical Lab Technician, Nursing, and Dietary Manager programs. We are also looking forward to getting the Pharmacy Technician program up and running by next fall.

How do you like to spend time outside of work?
All of my kids do sports so we spend a lot of time chasing them around. I put 90,000 miles on my van in the past 3 years! We also love to spend time in the mountains in Colorado and get away from the cellphones for a little bit.

What is something most people might not know about you?
I’m scared of heights and snakes.

If you were a real cougar for one day…what would you do?
I would utilize the quickness and mobility of the Cougar. I would just enjoy the way they can move and be nimble.

Where would you vacation if you had unlimited funds?
I would love to go to the mountains in Italy and see some of the little towns and villages. I think that’d be an interesting place to go.

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