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Welcome to the Community Information and College Events section of the Barton Community College website.

This portion of the site is designed to keep Barton connected to the community it serves through updated, timely information about campus happenings, from arts and entertainment to sports, alumni and clubs.

If you have questions, please direct them to Barton's Public Relations Department,, or contact the department at 620-792-9309. 



Community Report

Community Report Cover 2012 The annual Community Report is helpful in outlining the college’s progress in the last year. It also contains information about the Board of Trustees and the governing body’s plans for the college’s future. The Report highlights the success of the College, its students and employees in achieving the College mission throughout each academic year.

Watch for the next issue of the Community Report to be published here soon.

Community Report
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Welcome from the President

Dr. Carl Heilman

Dr. Carl Heilman

Details regarding the college’s economic impact on its service region.

Economic Impact Study


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