• People Search
    To search for an employee by the employee's first or last name.



  • Employee Directory
    To search for an employee by work area.  Information includes office number or work location, phone number, and e-mail link.


  • Office Directories
    Barton County Campus
    Fort Riley Campus and Junction City Offices

  • Organizational Chart
    Please note: (1) The organizational chart software will only work with Internet Explorer; (2)  If you receive a request to install an add-in from Insperity, Inc., please proceed with the installation by clicking on the "click here" link at the top.  It will ask you to "Install this add-on for all users on this computer?".  Click "Yes".  It will then ask "Do you want to install this software?" Click "Install".  Otherwise, you will be unable to view the Organizational Chart; and (3) The Organizational Chart has been collapsed.  If you wish to view the Chart in more detail, click on the plus (+) signs in the right hand corners of the various boxes.

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