President's Page - March 24, 2020

Blog 24 - Board of Trustees Agenda Topics

The Barton Board of Trustees met this past afternoon and reviewed several Agenda topics. Of note, the Trustees were presented with the outcomes of this fall 2020 Pace Survey that sought the feedback of College faculty and staff. From the attachment, the PACE instrument is defined and this was the fifth such survey dating back to 2012. Although the employee participation fell short of the previous three surveys, it still remained near 50%, which still represents robust feedback. I believe our efforts to address the impacts of the pandemic garnered primary attention this past fall and influenced the scale of employee feedback. Regardless, I thank those who accepted the opportunity to submit their survey responses as survey results and comments are taken quite seriously. Please take time to review the results. Within the PACE format, it appears that our work environment is driven by collaboration and that is best.

As for the second matter that Trustees addressed, the Western Kansas Community College Virtual Education Consortium (Edukan) membership was evaluated. Barton was a founding member of the Edukan consortium of western Kansas community colleges dating back to 1999. Over the years, Edukan served as an alternative online learning platform to our dominate Bartonline services. The pace of BARTonline growth over the years dominated the stagnating Edukan outcomes and Edukan consumed College resources that would best be applied to BARTonline and in support of its continued growth. Accordingly, Barton Trustees acted on the recommendation of administration to sever Edukan membership no later than August 10, 2021. Therefore, Barton will fulfill its FY21 commitment through this coming summer session.

If you have questions or comments concerning the above matters, or any other topic, feel free to contact me.