Screening Committee Instructions


To access the Screening Committee instructions to be followed when filling regular positions, click here .  Other Screening Committee documents that must be reviewed prior to the interview process are:

  1. Ethics and Confidentiality
  2. Checklist for Reviewing Resumes or Application Forms
  3. Interview Do's and Don'ts
  4. Acceptable and Unacceptable Phrasing of Interview Questions
  5. When Interviewing Persons with Disabilities
  6. Final Interview Reminders


Sample Preplanned Interview Questions

The following documents contain the interview question format that is to be used, along with interview questions that are in regulatory compliance.  Please note, once you have your interview questions developed, send them to Human Resources for approval prior to conducting your first interview.

  1. Interview Question Form and Sample Questions
  2. Interview Questions-Table Format Sample
  3. Faculty Interview Question Form and Sample Questions


Sample Candidate Evaluation Forms

  1. Candidate Evaluation Form 1
  2. Candidate Evaluation Form 2
  3. Candidate Evaluation Form 3
  4. Candidate Evaluation Form 4
  5. Pre-Employment Telephone Reference Check Form
  6. Reference Check Sheet
  7. Reference Checking Form 1
  8. Post-Interview Evaluation Form
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